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Love Is A Drum…

02.12.2011, 04.29

artejournal feature about Xaver von Treyer

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Allez Allez mix by Xaver von Treyer

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Lunar Rover video. taken from The Torino Scale by Xaver von Treyer (out 10.24.11)

07.10.2011, 10.01

The first ever Torino Scale show went down great, we had awesome feedback from many different corners (art, music & fashion). After 4 weeks of preparation and many technical challenges we managed to pull it off. My biggest shout out goes to Marek Polewski for the endless support and countless ideas on this project. Special thx to Stefano Vidé for great camera work and editing skills, to Häberlein + Maurer and the awesome team from No74 store around Eeva for making it possible in the first place, to Jennifer An for being an awesome production assistant, to Jakob Padberg and his webteam for getting the blogs up and running so fast, to Geier Tronic for tireless effort to get it looking perfect and last but not least to the carpentry magicians from Spot On to build the projection walls over night to then destroy them a day later. Of course thank you also to the musicians involved in making the album (Yuko Matsuyama and Jayney Klimek) that could make it to present it as live performance and the ones supporting me on the event as guest musicians (Jan Tillmann Schade and Sven Ulber).

The album will be available from October 24th. Stay tuned for more infos…

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Tomorrow, 7pm @ No74, Torstrasse 74, Berlin.

September 8th, 2011 at No74 store (Torstrasse 74, Berlin)

concept: Xaver von Treyer & Marek Polewski
art direction: Marek Polewski
music: Xaver von Treyer

experience an excerpt from the liveshow to the Supersoul recordings release
The Torino Scale (out October 24th, 2011)

support DJ: David Ducaruge (Acid Washed / Los Massieras)

press info: info@verstaerker.com


07.09.2011, 05.00

Teaser for The Torino Scale presentation at No74, Berlin. September 8th, 2011 - 7pm

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The Torino Scale
12" + shipping (choose country)